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Simplify your payroll process

We are well-acquainted with the intricacies of cruise payroll, recognizing that the payroll process can become complex. Partner with us for seamless and tailored payroll management that aligns perfectly with the specific needs of your cruise business.

Enhance Payroll Management for the Cruise Industry

Recognizing the intricacies of payroll in the industry, our expertise enables us to ensure compliance with global payroll regulations.

Employment Management

We take on the legal responsibility of being the official employer of record, managing key aspects such as compliance with labor laws, payroll, and benefits, specifically tailored to the needs of the cruise industry

Payroll Management

We assume the responsibility of ensuring global payroll compliance, managing critical aspects such as labor law adherence, documentation, and benefits management

International Legal Compliance

For international operations, we ensure compliance with local labor regulations without having to deal with the specific legal and tax complexities of each country


With our comprehensive cruise payroll service, managing your business will be easier.

Efficient management

Expertly navigating the intricacies of human resources administration, our comprehensive services extend to the adept management of cruises payroll, bonuses, and the diverse spectrum of crew nationalities.

Financial risk mitigation

Demonstrating efficacy in diminishing processing time and mitigating financial risks associated with fluctuations in labor regulations, our services guarantee a streamlined and secure approach to workforce management.


Costs reduction

Reduction of unforeseen costs related to personnel administration, offering companies a proactive approach to financial risk management.

Simplified global expansion

Simplify international contracting through the effective mitigation of legal risks and the meticulous adherence to stringent regulatory compliance. Our services offer a streamlined approach, ensuring a secure and compliant international contracting process

Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll cruises?

Refers to the process of managing salaries and benefits for employees working in the cruise industry, this not only involves the calculation of basic salaries, but also the consideration of additional factors, such as specific incentives, working conditions in high seas, international regulations.

How does a payroll for cruises work?

The payroll process in the cruise industry is unique and entails several complexities, primarily due to the nature of the business, which employs a workforce from multiple countries, each subject to different tax regulations and salary scales. Furthermore, it is characterized by two classifications of workers: onboard personnel (seafarers) and onshore staff.

What are the services demanded by the industry?

The cruise payroll encompasses various aspects that require careful consideration, including taxes, bank details, deductions, overtime, bonuses, and other benefits relevant to employees. All these elements must comply with current regulations. Having precise knowledge in payroll management is crucial. Therefore, we are ready to assist you. Feel free to contact us.

What are the benefits for the industry of payroll outsourcing?

Among the significant benefits of payroll outsourcing, cost minimization and time reduction in operations stand out. Additionally, there is a guarantee of compliance with regulations, simplified calculations and payments to employees, support for international operations, and personalized assistance for all your requirements.